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  • The appearance of this cherry pitter machine is very beautiful, and the way to use it is also very simple, easy operation, smooth and safe operation.
  • The crush type fruit juice extracting machine is not only suitable for crushing berry fruit and vegetable, meanwhile, but also can crush the cooked and softening kernel fruit and vegetable.The machine has high juice making rate, and can make full usage of
  • The spiral juice extractor is mainly used for squeezing the fruit and vegetable juices. Widely used for squeezing watermelon, grape, strawberry, pear, apple, lemon, orange, tomato, papaya, carrots, ginger and other fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Pomegranate peeling machine can protect the integrity of pomegranate kernels and peels’ integrality at the most extent. and the pomegranate skin removing machine is a kind of ideal pomegranate processing equipment for fruit juice manufacturers.
  • The pomegranate peeling machine pre-treats the pomegranate and separates the pomegranate peel from the seeds. It can quickly separate the pomegranate peel from the seeds, clean and thorough, and our machine is the supporting equipment for food and beverag
  • The fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine is made of high quality stainless steel can be SUS304, frequency conversion, with beautiful appearance, small size, low power, low noise, the wind is blowing the air knife shape, drying air temperature is
  • The double belts onion skin removing machine is the most advanced big capacity onion processing equipment at home and abroad.The onion skin removing machine can peel any states onion one time no matter they are oval or flat, small or big, skin thick or th
  • Fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine can effectively removes the water droplets on the surface of the material to make the surface glossy, bright and unstained. Besides,it greatly shortens the preparation of labeling and packing, is suitable for
  • Automatically peeling and cutting root, finish for one-time, clean and no damage. Continuous uninterrupted working. No-need classification, no limit of onion size, wet and origin place ,all can be perfectly cutting roots.
  • Pomegranate peeling machine mainly consists of feed hopper, upper crusher, lower crusher, rotary screen, agitator shaft, screw pump and frame components, etc.The pomegranate skin removing machine mainly made of stainless steel 304. Our pomegranate aril pe