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High Quality De-oiling machine in China

Feb 21, 2017Published by sherry
de-oiling machine 
This de-oiling machine also is a de-water machine, it is the most advanced fried food and puffed food oil removal equipment currently, it is not only the first choice for fried food and puffed food, but also for the work of dehydrated food, fruits and vegetables after washing, not only fast on the water and the oil products emerge, but also greatly save the cost of oil and water.
Advantages of deoiling machine:
1.The centrifugal equipment make the machine stable in working.
2.It is made of high quality stainless steel which is firm and durable.
3.The machine is easy to use, work well and safely.
4.The digital automatic control save a lot of time, labor and money.
5.All the courses are in a close environment which is clean, healthy and unpolluted.
6.The fried food deoil machine is equipped with shockproof system so as to prevent the machine from shaking; based on the centrifugal theory and installed electromagnetic brake, the digital control make sure the machine work fast, safely, functional and environmentally.
7.This machine is the best advanced fruit and vegetable processing equipment domestically with latest technology. This machine applies to deoil and dry the food, fruits and vegetables after being cleaned.