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The Operation Of Garlic Root Cutting Machine

Sep 24, 2015Published by Wendy
Zhengzhou longer Machinery Co.,Ltd
Parameters of garlic root cutting machine:
operation instruction manual
Zhengzhou longer Machinery Co.,Ltd
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.5Kw
Capacity: 500-700Kg/h
Dimension: 770*650*870mm
Weight: 40Kg
Features of garlic root cutting machine:
1.Depth of cutting can be adjusted.The depth of cutting can be adjusted automatically according to the different size of garlic.
2.Easy operation and high efficiency.
3.Cut the stem at the same time.
4.High capacity and high efficiency.The machine can supply two people to work at same time,
5.Made of carbon steel, and paint with green paint.
6.High capacity and high efficiency.It is small volume, lighter weight.
7.Safety cutter .Each cutter with a controlling switch. So don’t worry it can hurt worker's fingers.
When inspected once per shift clean, clear inspection must be power outage,to avoid blade on hands.
1.bearings, chains and butter;
2.check each part screw presence of loose;
3.cleaning blade, brush with wool when cleaning or wet cloth touch water scrub.Transmission chain if too many impurities, can be installed in the bin on the PVC pipe external water sources, unscrew the valve flushing transfer chain and the impurity on the cup holder.
4, saw blades, triangle for wearing parts, such as wear and tear, to timely replacement