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Automatic vegetable root cutter

Jul 14, 2015Published by Wendy
Maybe some of you don't know well to aotomatic vegetable root cutter machine to be not rest assure when using machine .Now ,so ,I make some introduction about the machine.
Above the picture is our machine. The length of removing roots can be adjustable.The conveyor belt works automatically with fast speedand high efficiency.

Root Cutting Machine Is suitable for the green Chinese onion, celery, rape, spinach, Length of a cut in the shape of root vegetables resection or,.This machine has the following features:
1.Rotating baffle the hand wheel, can adjust the before and after of the baffle distance, To control the size of the removal of roots.
2.Automatic baffle belt conveyor cutting roots and cut, fast speed, high efficiency.
3.Equipment design without wearing parts, longer service life and lower cost, higher efficiency.
4.304 stainless steel body and the shell, More in line with international health standards.

Our machine used to cut the roots of vegetables,such as celery, lettuce,spinach and other long stem vegetables.if you want one ,please being free to contact us.there is our address :http://www.vegetablem.com/