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Vegetable cutting machine for sell

Feb 16, 2017Published by sherry
Vegetable cutting machine
Using this  Vegetable cutting machine, the vegetables can be cutted in dices,slices,bars and many other shapes as customers' need. The thickness and the length is adjustable. High efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety. The whole machine includes the rack conveyer, belt of the vegetable press, slice device , speed –adjusting box, and motor. By changing various blades of the machine can cut the root and stem vegetables (potato, yam, carrot, eggplant etc) into many shapes, such as strips, slices, cubes, rhombus and waves. The machine is also fit for segmenting the stem vegetables (leek, celery, beanstalk etc) and shredding various leafy vegetables (kelp, cabbage etc). Widely used in restaurant, small vegetable company, and other food industry.
Precautions of this cutting machine:
1.The machine should be placed in a stable place.
2.Make sure there is no foreign material stuck in the machine inlet, please follow the signs of power instructions to connect the power and earth wire.
3.Do not put your hand into the machine while the machine is in operation.
4.The machine is finished, to cut off the power, in order to dismantle and wash the machine.
5.Circuit part can not be cleaned, please pay attention to  cutting tools and other sharp parts when washing .