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Customer Of Garlic Paste Crushing Machine

Sep 02, 2015Published by Wendy
One of our Indian customers ,named Giriraj mundj mundra ,bought a garlic paste crushing machine 500kg/h.the customers is a growers,owing many garlic.and he bought  5 sets . At first he talk to our sale man on line to solver  some usually questions .after some days ,he came to china and visit our factory and company .what should be mentioned is we are satisfied with each other on the price of machine . The garlic paste crushing machine was established in march,2015, and our customer is satisfied with the equipment due to its low failure rate, high reliability, and easy maintenance.we hope we can have more cooperation between us .
Our garlic paste crushing machine widely used for crushing fruits into paste,also used for cutting the roasted nutsintoparticles.Made of all stainless steel,beautiful,healthful,corrosion resistance.It can stir the fresh or dried capsicum into small pieces or paste. Meanwhile, it can cut the garlic, ginger, potato, spinach, onion or lotus root into paste or strips. Also used for cutting the roasted nuts into particles.This device can be widely used pepper sauce factory, pickles factory, and all kinds of food processing enterprises.
If yo have any interest in our product ,please fell free to contact us.we will do our best to offer service .and not stop until you satisfied.