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The Mashed Garlic Machine

Sep 02, 2015Published by Wendy
What we know about the mashed garlic machine ?
Mashed garlic machine must be cleaned before cutting processing, dredge silt water jacket, the shell and skin, otherwise it will damage the life of the blade and the change of mud after foreign bodies, not health, electric mashed garlic machine affect the food quality.Electric mashed garlic machine is due to the high speed rotating, so workers can't handle the contact pressure into the material.After everything is ok, can be broken evenly into the hopper, a machine such as broken can not meet the required demand, mashed garlic machine can repeat, until meet the requirements.Make mashed garlic machine and material to broken fine volume (no more than 15 mm), if more than the size, material is hard to put down the machine for cutting and crushing.

Why we choose the mashed garlic machine?
The mashed garlic machine is made of all stainless steel,beautiful,healthful,corrosion resistance.we can increase the water inlet so that garlic easy to resolve issues blocking the barrel.Garlic particle size can be controlled by increasing or decreasing blade freely.our machine is easy operation,easy install and remove the blade.
Using six prism through shaft design, stable and durable.The material barrel removable for easy cleaning.if you have one ,the machine can do many things and bring you more profit.our machine can grind the garlic,onion,ginger,potatoes,tomatoes and other vegetables.Also can crush the roasted nuts into particles,such as roasted peanut,sunflower seed,pine nut etc.bu the way ,the mashed garlic machine is the best choice for some breakfast shop, restaurant, food factory etc.Wooden packing and Professional after-sales service also can disappear.