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Vegetable cutting machine Video

Feb 22, 2017Published by sherry

The Vegetable cutting machine is dual frequency converting, the blade speed and the conveyer belt speed can be adjusted separately.
It can cut the strip shape vegetable, such as sallion, chives, celery, pointed Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, spinach, cucumber and other melon etc... And it can also cut the root vegetable by changing the cutter. It is the best choice of the vegetable processing factory.
Main Features
1) It can cut leafy vegetables like scallion, garlic,leek,celery,Chinese cabbage, spinage, lettuce etc. into slice or slice shape.
2) It can cut root vegetables like carrot, oinon,bamboo shoots, egg plant into strip, slice or cube shape by changing the blades.
3) The speed of knife and belt can be adjusted by inverter accurately and the cutting size can meet with your need in the range of 1-60mm.
4) A slice blade, cube blade, strip blade and an ox-horn blade is equipped with it.
5) .It's suitable for kitchen of restaurant and school, vegetable distribution center vegetable retailer and food processing factory.
6) This equipment is made of 304 stainless steel.
7) Simple to operate and easy to clean.