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The Advantages Of Drinking Juice 

Oct 19, 2015Published by Wendy
1.Prevent the aging body, help cell regeneration. The human body is composed of more than 60 million various kinds of cells, and every day was born around 1 billion and dead cells.fresh fruit and vegetable juice contain a large number of natural plant ingredients, these components have a positive impact on cell division and the birth. And fresh fruit and vegetable juice will also provide other essential nutrients human body, which not only has a promoting effect on the growth of cells,but also prevent the body aging.

2.Drinking the fruit and vegetable juice has better absorption of nutrients.made of fresh fruit and vegetables contain lots of vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetable juice.in the process of making juice, stirring the opportunity to put the fruit and vegetable fiber dimensional cutting is more small, at this time contain some very small in the cellulose will become nutrients can be absorbed by the body of the state.than raw fruits and vegetables and drink more conducive to digestion and absorption rate of nutrients will be faster.so, a person who spends a lot of time to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice will be more active than others, stronger immunity, the skin will be better.

3.Detoxification. Normal metabolism of cells, the body will stay healthy. If toxins in the body cells deformation or damage, and for cell regeneration and interfere with normal metabolism. But for a long time, and fresh fruit and vegetable juice, in the vegetable juice substances such as vitamins, minerals, biological decomposition and eliminate toxins from the body. So 2 ~ 3 days later you will find that the turbid urine will become clear. This because, under the action of fruit and vegetable juice, blood will become more clean. A long period of fruit and vegetable juice drink, not only can improve our body's resistance also can make the brain more vibrant fruit and vegetable juice is the fresh fruit and vegetables in a variety of nutrients to make it easy to be absorbed by human body condensed state. And compared with raw fruit and vegetable juice will be quickly absorbed by the body some vitamins, minerals and other nutrients must be one of the most effective ways is the fruit and vegetable juice.

4.Clean the stomach. The digestive system of human body is very important, because the digestive system is the place that provides power to all organs to maintain function. The intestine is one of the most important role in the organs. Human feces sometimes impede intestinal digestion and absorption function, and because of various fluorine acid will produce toxic substances make the germs, easy to enter the body. Drinking fruit and vegetable juice, fruit and vegetable juice alkaloid, acid and inorganic base class in will drop the decomposition of waste discharge in the intestine, so to solve constipation, promote e. Activity, prevention of common diseases was effective.

5.Loss weight. Drinking juice can absorb rational nutrition, it not only rich in cellulose, and quickly provide easy to lack of vitamins and minerals in reduce weight body must important nutrients, such as the quantity of heat of fruit and vegetable juice is low, so there is a big help to reducing weight.