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Automatic Olive Pitting Machine Manufacturer in China

Dec 24, 2018Published by Ellie
As manufacturer of automatic olive pitting machine in China, we have shipped many machines to all over the world. Our  automatic olive pitting machine is of best quality, used for olive, South Korea jujube, beach jujube, Ziziphus jujuba and so on. It can take advantage of the circular shapes features of olive ,cherry,prunus,humilis bunge,blackberry,date,the machine’s loading and conveying equipments can cater to these fruits features and can reach the high efficiency functions of “one olive, one hole”. Our mission is to make the deep processing easier.
automatic olive pitting machine
The working principle is : use theory of high speed lunging, that is to say, when punching needle lunge at fruit core at a extremely high speed, the left hole is the shape of needle. The lunging speed is faster, the shape of core is more complete. Our machine needle are special treated by special process, made of high hardness material. So the skin and flesh of fruit is still complete after removing core.
The machine uses Special Punch pin to remove the fruit pit thoroughly. The material of machine can produce full 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, it's depend on your request. We can match different sizes of mould ,so can process different sizes of fruit. The normal capacity is 208pcs/minute, it also can be produced as your need.The machine has wide adaptability and large size compatibility. Suitable for ash jujube, date palm, beach jujube, golden silk jujube, Korean jujube, olive, and other long round shape fruit.This fruit seed remove machine can achieve the effect of jujube palm date and nuclear removal and half-cut. The rate of nuclear denucleation is extremely low, and the shape of red dates and date palms is not easily deformed after enucleation.
To some extent, the automatic olive pitting machine  improves the working efficiency, saving the labor,  reduce the damage rate of fruit, also ensure the quality of fruit. This machine is easy to clean, and the operation is simple.
automatic olive pitter the China manufacture