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Banana Peeling Machine In India

Mar 08, 2019Published by Ellie
In India, our Banana peeling machine has huge market, it is one unit of professional peeling machine from Zhengzhou Longer Machinery. The machine is mainly used to peel the green banana, widely used in the food processing industry, can peel green banana for different size and shape.
plantain banana peeling machine
Machine for peeling banana consists the conveyor belt  which can send the banana to peel, in this way, you can save  a lot of time to put the banana into inlet. When the machine starts peeling, uses artificial feeding to finish the accurate peel. It has high peeling rate and big capacity of 340-360 pcs/min. By changing the number of inlet, you can change the peeling output freely.

Banana skin peeling machine advantages:
1.High peeling rate. The machine has high peeling rate, so you can process the banana in next processing step.
2.Widely usage. You can peel any size and shape of the green banana.
3.Save your time and labor. It has high capacity thus solve your problem of long time peeling.
4.Easy operation, one worker can operate a machine.
5.Good quality guarantee. Our machine uses high quality stainless steel, so we can guarantee the health and clean of the peeled banana.
banana peeling and cutting machine
The Banana peeler machine India has also widely used in the plantain chips production line. It is an important step tp start the processing. Only by peeling the banana, can the banana be cut into slice. So it usually match with the Plantain chips making machine. The green banana is suitable for making the plantain chips, that is because it can keep hard of the cutting slice, the banana chips have good shape after cutting.

How raw banana peeling machine works?

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