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Green beans cutting machine

Mar 28, 2017Published by sherry
Green beans cutting machine Green beans cutting machine  is a special machine to cut the bean's head and tail.It has an excellent performance in chopping. It has a high capacity and flexibility and provides a gentle product treatment. The ends cutter is easy to clean to keep a hygiene standard.
When working, put the green beans come into rotary drum under the guide of arc. The drum rotates at high speed, so the green bean’s tail can protrude from the plastic crack, can be cut by the stainless steel blades. The drum is sloped, so the green beans can go ahead while rolling, and finally go out the drum. In drum, there are guide plates with off-centre holes, which can control the beans’ speed and direction without any damage.
Feature of our Green Bean Head Cut Machine :
1.Tail cutting with high efficiency, high yield, simple structure,stable and reliable running, it can replace heavy manual work, raise the production efficiency, save a large number of Labour cost, it is the ideal equipment of quick-frozen vegetables processing.
2.Mainly suitable for frozen vegetable processing plant, refrigeration plant, dehydrated vegetables processing, clean vegetables processing plant, etc.