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Best Peanut Sugar Coating Machine

Feb 14, 2017Published by sherry
This peanut sugar coating machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry,candy processing industry and snack food industry, it is also used to process many kinds of grain food like Japan bean, hollow beans,chocolate nuts candy,chocolate peanut ,candied peanut in the variety of food coating.
peanut sugar coating machine
The equipment is composed by rolling pan, machine frame, spray tank,temperature control system, and heating system. This machine is more suitable for coating of noncircular material or high viscosity material. The cooperation of motor andreducer will reduce the processing speed to easy operation state.The sugar tablet will have bright and smooth surface afterbeing coated and polished. It is the ideal equipment in the trade as medicine ,food ,chemical industries ,etc.
The feature of this coating machine:
1.Able to be matched with frequency controller
2.Able to be matched with dust-removal system
3.It can be made to totally enclosed type, saved with airbrush system,and meets the GMP standard.
4.Simplified operation, easy maintenance and low cost,It is the ideal equipment for tablet sugar coating