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Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine on sale

Apr 17, 2017Published by sherry
Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine on saleBlanched peanuts, peanut milk, peanut particles before production of peanut products, the early period essential part is peeling , after drying into peanut is composed of friction roller peeling chamber, automatic separation become complete peanut husk.
There are many ways for machines to peel peanuts, usually divided into dry method and wet method. Today, the machines we introduce you is use the principle of dry method.

The Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine  uses a high standard of pure soft plastic imitation hand wheel to move the red peanuts off easily, and it has convenient operation, high yield, peeling rate of more than 98%. It works stably, durable, broken valve was lower than 5%, is currently the most advanced equipment dehulling peanuts.This machine is dry desquamate equipment, with reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life, clean rate higher characteristic. And many sets of combination to use, peeling quality to meet export standards. Mainly used for peanuts, peanut butter, milky white peanut milk, peanut particles of peeling before production.