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Cherry Pitting Machine for Sale

Apr 19, 2018Published by Camille
Have you ever heard of eating cherries not to vomit cherry? Our cherry pitting machine can makes it come true. Today, the prosperity of science and technology, a variety of fantastic ideas become practical, the liberation of labor is the primary intention of many scientific and technological creation, and this kind of natural products can always be a surprise.
Cherry Pitting Machine for Sale
Cherry is a kind of fruit that we look forward to in the summer, not only looks very attractive in appearance, but also rich in nutritional value, of which iron is very rich. But for many people, cherry is delicious, but cherry core is a headache for us. Recently, our cherry core remover is very popular in the market. With it, all the problems are solved.

The appearance of this cherry pitter machine is very beautiful, and the way to use it is also very simple, easy operation, smooth and safe operation. In the operation of the machine, put the cherry in the direction of the center gap, gently press the top, the cherry core will be answered and down to the receiving box below.
Cherry Core Remover
The processed cherry can see that the integrity is high, leaving only a vague position in the center cherry core. In terms of safety, there are offices in the azimuth of the teeth of the nuclear weapon, and the teeth are made of soft rubber materials. Even if the children put their fingers in, they do not appear to be pinching their fingers.