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Choose Good Carrot Slice Cutting Machine

Apr 26, 2017Published by Wendy
Carrot slice cutting machine is very important for the process industrial. to choose to good carrot slice cutting machine is should what we conside.The machine is suitable for slicing and shredding vegetables such as carrot, radish, potato, sweet potato and so on. The machine is easy to adjust and easy to clean and use. It is used in organs, schools, canteens and hotels, restaurants and restaurants.
It is in the absorption of similar products and widely listen to the views of customers at home and abroad on the basis of the design improved, its innovative ideas, compact structure, beautiful appearance, safety and health, good performance, in line with national health standards, radish, potatoes, Sweet potatoes and other fruits and vegetables slices and shredded and ideal kitchen equipment The machine uses a half-moon knife to adjust the structure, no need to replace the blade, only the use of different feed hopper and touch the switch can be cut to cut the work, the thickness of the work In a certain range to adjust. The machine is simple to adjust, easy maintenance and cleaning, used in the organs and institutions, troops, schools, canteens and hotels, restaurants and restaurants use.

This is carrot slice cutting machine work video for your more undertand for our machine.