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Choose a Heatly Apricot Pitting Machine

May 18, 2017Published by Wendy
In recent years, the relevant laws and regulations of food is more complete, the relevant law enforcement departments of food enterprises and supporting enterprises more stringent supervision. For example, food practitioners asked to check the health, food production process to the whole process of supervision, food production equipment should also meet the standards of laws and regulations. Is there have of  apricot  pitting machine food hygiene situation? The answer is of course very sure.
Can be from the inside to the outside analysis of apricot to nuclear machine composition structure: from the internal composition, the apricot semi-automatic to the nuclear machine is the transmission part, the transmission part, and to the nuclear needle and other major components, such as silica gel bowl, machine Needle and other core components, are used in line with health and safety standards of material assembly, can completely protect the fruit in the processing of health conditions;
From the external structure, the whole apricot to the nuclear machine uses a high-quality stainless steel external structure, and a large number of stainless steel structure used safely in the production of commercial kitchen utensils, so the million-brand apricot semi-automatic to the nuclear machine, from food health safety point of view, Give customers the greatest protection!

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