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What are the common features of vegetable cleaning machine

Feb 23, 2017Published by sherry
common features of vegetable cleaning machine 
In Longer, there are many types of vegetable cleaning machine, some small type like Hot Sale Potato Washing and Peeler , some for production line, such as  Suffing Type Fruit and Vegetable Washer, though they are looks different, they have some common features, now, we will introduce you:

1, magical reactive oxygen species, complete removal of pesticide residues;
2, fashion technology, global innovation concept of all, washing dishes, environmental health;
3, the authority of the inspection, automatic timing washing disinfection, all-round, multi angle, thoroughly clean vegetables and fruits;
4, the barrel with a unique patented technology, can be a strong impetus to the movement of the water, while the inner surface of the barrel friction is small, able to protect fruits and vegetables, wash clean and not destroy the skin of fruits and vegetables;
5, economic benefits, cleaning a mere 4 cents, no detergent, easy not to hurt the hand;
6, water saving, efficient disinfection and no pollution, green environmental protection and good health;
7, you can move the washing basket, easy to take out, the use of vortex spray type water flow impact cleaning to ensure that vegetables and fruits do not receive heavy mechanical damage.