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Sudan customer came to test our air bubble washer

Mar 13, 2017Published by sherry
air bubble washing machine

Last month, customers came to Zhengzhou, China from Sultan, they come to test our bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine, this machine is our advantage product, it made of 304 stainless steel, automatic, it can be used for washing leaf vegetable:spinach, cabbage, celery, scallion, chieves,etc., fruit vegetables eggplant, hot pepper, anal bean, cucumber, towel gourd, etc., fruit cherry, lychee, hawthorn, plum, mangosteen, lemon, etc.

This Air bubble/brush roller/spraying type water saving leafy vegetable washer  has air bubble generator to assure the best washing effect. Ozone and air bubble generator installed in this machine make water full of bubble and ozone to get deep cleaning effect during washing process.