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Customer From Algeria Visit Our Company For Onion Root Cutting Machine

Feb 15, 2019Published by Ellie
Recently, the Algeria customer visit the company, they are doing the onion cutting processing business, and want to has better onion root cutting shape. They have a contact with our sales manager, and compare with other machinery, they choose our machine at last. They come to visit our company and have a good time.
Algeria customer visit the company

The Onion root cutting machine is specially designed for the onion, can cut the root of the onion in concave shape. The machine has high automation, because equipped with the automatic feeding and automatic cutting device. Durable, non-corrosive, non-polluting ingredients, the finished onion products are smooth and flat, with small removal and high yield.

By using our Commercial onion cutting machine , you can get the root cutting onion in high capacity of 150-400KG per hour. And saving your time and labor. Only need one person can manage a machine. It is safe to use and suitable for any size and shape of the onion.

How the Industrial onion cutting machine works?