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Customer From Ghana Visit Our Company For Vegetable Cutting Machine

Jan 18, 2019Published by Ellie
Ghana customer visit company
The picture above is our customer from Ghana with our sales manager. The Ghana customer visit our company to have a deep cooperation of our vegetable cutting machine. In order to deal with the vegetable in a higher efficiency and further expand the production scale, so increase profit, they contact us  at once when they saw our machine on the website. In this way, we start our communication and finally reach cooperation.

The Ghana customer has high interest in our vegetable cutting machine. Our machine can cut the vegetable into slice, strips and segments. Suitable for all kinds of vegetable, such as  turnip, potato, taro, sweet potato, cucumber, etc. Of course, the slice thickness can be adjusted according to your different need, and strips length is customized. The width of belt is 120mm. 
multifunctional vegetable cutting machine in factory
The vegetable slicer machine has simple structure. The main structure of the machine is the blade, also the blade can easily removed, cleaning, and convenient to change different specifications of knife group. At the entrance of the feeding hole, there is a microswitch, ensuring the operations security. What’s more, this machine has fast cutting speed, one machine equals to ten workers. It can be used in food processing factory, catering industry and canteen.

commercial vegetable cutting  machine
This is our commercial vegetable cutting machine working video:

We always welcome you to visit our company and factory, any question  just send inquiry to us.