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Customer From Uganda Visit Our Company

Jan 24, 2019Published by Ellie
The Uganda customer has their own factory to process the fruit and vegetable. This time, they need the fruit and vegetable dryer machine to dewater the fruit and vegetable after washing. They come to our company to have a better conversation. This is a picture of our customer visit.
Uganda customer visit company
Our industrial fruit dryer machine uses a large wind volume and low noise fan to blow dry naturally. The air dryer is designed to be repeatedly turned over and has an anti-wind device to prevent dry corners. The air dryer has a good drying effect, the equipment adopts frequency conversion conveying, the speed is adjustable, the conveying is stable, and the efficiency is high.

Drying Effect
fruit and vegetable dryer machine effect
Features of the commercial vegetable dryer
  • Easy to use, the water removal rate is over 99.5%.
  • The drying speed is adjustable.
  • The fruit and vegetable after drying has good shape and neat.
  • The machine is usually combined in the production line, also can be used alone.
  • It has stable performance, high quality stainless steel, meets food safety and hygiene standards.
  • Uniform distribution of airflow, so can guarantee all the products drying.

Our vegetable dehydration machine significantly shortened labeling, preparation for packing, improve the degree of automation. The machine has widely used in the fruit and vegtable processing factory.

How our fruit and vegtable air drying machine working?