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High Quality Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Feb 08, 2018Published by Wendy
Our sugarcane juice extractor machine is divided into electric cane juicer and manual cane juicer. The electric cane juicer absorb the latest technology to meet the modern pursuit of healthy, stylish, fast and convenient diet. The machine squeezed sugar cane juice is pure green drinks, sweet and cool taste, nutrient-rich. This electric sugar cane juicer for hotels, fruit shops, cold stores, schools, parks and other places.

Electric sugar cane juicer features:sugarcane juice extractor machine for china
1. Compact design, compact structure.
2. Parts of the machine that come in contact with food are made of stainless steel and are corrosion and rust proof to ensure good health.
Third, low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency, easy to move.
4. Juices and dregs can be separated automatically and fresh juices can be consumed.
5. Multi-function, electric juicer can also be used to squeeze ginger juice, garlic juice.

Sugarcane juice machine operation:
1. Check the machine before use, remove dirt from inside the machine, and lubricate the gear and cup.
2. Determine if the power of the diesel engine or the machine meets the requirements and ensure that the direction of rotation is correct.
3, start the sugar cane machine first, until the machine runs normally, and then squeeze the sugar cane.

Usage and maintenance of sugar cane juicer machine :
1. Timely cleaning is very important.
2. Timely bearing and gear at the lubricating oil.
If the cane juicer suddenly stops during operation, turn off the power and check the machine and motor circuits.