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French Fries Production Line In Factory

Feb 12, 2019Published by Ellie

french fries production line in factory
The picture above is our french fries production line in factory. This processing line includes the potato washing and peeling, potato strips cutting, blanching, de-water, fried, deoiling, flavoring and packing. You can get the frozen french fries automatically and in good quality.

You can get the different output french fries, such as 150 kg/h, 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h ,1000kg/h. This line is made of  stainless steel with advanced technology.It is easy to operate, high productivity and high efficiency.

The potato washing and peeling machine is widely used in round, oval fruits and vegetables by brushing with a brush. The brush roller material is processed by special process (rolled with nylon rope), which is durable and has good wear resistance. The roller cleaning cabinet body is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the standards of food industry, and is resistant to rust and sanitation. So the machine can wash and peel the potato at the same time.
french fries processing line
We use the french fries cutting machine to cut the potato in high efficiency. This machine is used to cut potato and some other fruit and vegetable into strips or flakes. It has high cutting speed and good shape of the french fries. Has high capacity of 600KG Per Hour.

The electric heating continuous fryer machine is mainly used for blanching and sterilizing fruits and vegetables. It uses automatic temperature control, double insulation, more energy saving, can automatically discharge materials, simple operation, reduce labor consumption.
french fries making process
Our Drying machine of the french fries production line especially suitable for drying work of the sterilization of high and low temperature meat products, vegetable products packaged products.Through the high pressure of blower cooling wind will food and then blow dry oil or water on the surface of the chips, shape design of the wind as the knife, effectively improve the air pressure, blow away oil or water on the surface of the material in a short period of time, facilitate subsequent working procedure.

We also equipped with the flavoring machine and packing machine to make the production more easier. Any question, just send inquiry to us.

Here show you our machine working video: