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Fruit Nuclear Beater Machine

Jan 07, 2017Published by Wendy
The Fruit nuclear beater machine is mainly applied to the cooked or after eight mature nuclear stone from the nuclear beating pulp separation.
1 widely applicable to mango, peach, apricot, bayberry and other stone fruit;
2 to the core of the screen, according to the size of the fruit core;
3 specially equipped with anti-nuclear device;
4 door cover two security protection;
5 automatic completion of stone fruit fruit juice, nuclear, slagging process;
Our company main provide the host products:
Citrus, berries, small fruit category, stone fruit juice and other series of fruit and vegetable juicer;
Fruit cleaning, sorting, crushing, peeling, nuclear, filtration and hot and cold beating equipment,Fruit juice drinks sterilization machine and other fruit vegetable process equipment.

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