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Fruit Processing Machinery

Jul 07, 2016Published by Wendy
In our daily life, we almost eat fruit and vegetable everyday. even not for the fresh fruit and vegetable, but also for processed fruit and vegetable. speaked of processed fruit and vegetable, what kind of machine can process fruit and vegetable ?
Commonly furit and vegetable processing machine includes the Washing machine, Cutting machine, Juice extraction machine, Drying machine, Packing machine and so on.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine
This machine is mainly used for washing leafy vegetables, such as spinach, celery, cabbage,leek,cherry tomato etc without damage, also can wash the fruit, such as apple, strawberry, etc with high clearness. It uses the bubble type washing system which has no harm to the material. And can keep the material fresh, the machine with easy operation and high capacity of 500KG per hour.

Here show our a video of our machine working:

Fruit and vegetable cutting machine
By using our machine, you can get all kinds of cutting shape such as cube, slicer, strip, shred and chopper of the vegetable and other shape. Different capacity for your different choice. What is more, most of them are multifunctional. So our machine is very economical and save your labor. All  the cutting size is adjustable according to your need.

How the cutting machine works?

Fruit and vegetable juice extractor machine
More and more people love juice. And the vegetable juice is more popularity over the world. The juice extractor machine is a great helper if you need juice business. If you are juice processing manufacturer, you can use our machine to improve your capacity. If you want to start your own business of juice making, you can use our machine to begin. We can provide you the most suitable production method and can solve your problems on the process of juice making.
image for fruit processing machines
There are many other fruit and vegetable processing machines, if you need any one of them please leave messages on our website or email at me: ellie@machinehall.com