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Our Fruit Washing Machine to Pakistan With Low Price

Dec 18, 2017Published by Wendy
This is our fruit washing machine with best low price will be paked to Pakistan. Our Bubble type fruit washing machine is mainly used  for jujube, vegetables, aquatic cleaning.
commerical fruit washing machine in low price
Working principle of the Bubble washing machine:
Uses of the front part of the box equipment box note the right amount of water through the heating pipe to the water temperature, raw materials through the box, the bubble machine and the combination of water under the state do tumble With the mesh belt continue to move forward, in the water, the high-end sprinkler, high-pressure washing.

The machine adopts high-pressure water flow and bubble generating device to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned. The energy generated when the bubble ruptures when in contact with the object will play an impact and scrubbing action on the surface of the object to be cleaned, and scrub the surface of the object to be cleaned objects clean.
vegetable washing machine image
Advantages of the vegetable washing machine:
  • Machine made of stainless steel, durable.
  • Raw materials will not be damaged, so as to achieve high clean, save labor, water, equipment, stability, reliability and other effects.
  • Automatic continuous cleaning set. Cleaned objects were washed more than three times higher than the conventional manual washing method. 
  • High-pressure water makes the material appear tumbling state, removing pesticide residues on the surface of the product.
  • Floating objects in the washing machine can overflow from the overflow tank and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
  • This machine equipped with partition board, the cleaning material and washed sediment effectively isolated Open,can save 80% of the cleaning water,
  • Saving manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.

Here is our cleaning machine working video:

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