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Frying Machine Considerations And Technical Requirements

Jan 24, 2017Published by tina
Frying machine is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises, is applicable for broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; Crispy rice, potato chips, puffed food; Traditional article, cat ears, caramel treats, twist and other surface; Meat, chicken and other meat products; Yellow croaker, octopus, aquatic products such as; Bean curd cake, tofu and other soy products and so on. Characteristics can be continuous production, energy saving, save manpower, and make the product quality more unified.

Frying machine appeared, people began to accept fried food, more and more people will choose fried food. what requirement of frying machine in technical?

1, Fried machine circuit control system should be safe, reliable, accurate, connection electrical connectors should be strong and be numbered; Action button should be flexible, and have a stop button; Indicator light display should be normal, should accord with the requirement of GB5226.1; Frying machine inside the conductive line shall not be naked.
2, frying machine shell temperature 45 ℃ or less.
3, cooked food qualified rate shall be 80% or higher product quality should be consistent with GB16565-2003 standard requirement.
4, power circuit wiring and grounding protection circuit between 500 vd. C. when measured insulation resistance shall be not less than 1 m Ω.
5, appearance quality, surface treatment of parts shall be uniform color, no blister, layer, stains, rust and other defects.
6, safety protection, frying machine shall have security protection device, to be labeled with warning marks. In particular, to prevent burns, fire prevention, prevent leakage.
7, Fried machine should meet GB16798 "food machinery safety and health" regulation.
8, the equipment should be heat resistant, resistant to chemical and mechanical effect, easy cleaning, disinfection and should comply with food hygiene requirements; The color of the equipment should not affect product quality or pollution assessment.
9, used for equipment on the surface of the parts should have good process performance (can be bending, cutting, welding, surface hardness and abrasive 5.19 frying machine heat source (heating or burning) adopted by the system, should comply with the regulations of related production license, including electricity, gas, fuel oil, coal (coal).

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