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The Future of Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Apr 29, 2016Published by Wendy
When it comes to juicers, yogurt machine may be a lot of people are familiar with, but the fruit and vegetable washing machine has not been well known, perhaps because of a single species, the price is expensive, the market has not spread, so this food machinery small appliances not as popular as expected in the Chinese market, every family kitchen, washing fruits and vegetables instead of large equipment in the fruit and vegetable processing enterprise applications more popular. But the pesticides, hormones, chemical additives ubiquitous "dangerous" era, the traditional way to clean fruits and vegetables seems to have been unable to meet consumer demands for food safety and standards, and in view of the reality of promoting and developing all kinds of factors, future fruit and vegetable washing machine in the market is bound to shine, to achieve its proper value.

When it comes to the traditional way of washing fruits and vegetables, no doubt, it is to use tap water, salt water, rice water, detergent and other cleaning soak a little bit lazy may only use tap water to dampen "meaning" look. Facts have proved that fruits and vegetables contain varying amounts of pesticides, preservatives, chemical preservatives, growth hormones and other chemical residue substances, these invisible "dangerous" really worrying. Some experts said that if done properly, will play some traditional methods of cleaning effect, but will still be invalid or risk of secondary pollution. Therefore, the presence of fruit and vegetable washing machine is necessary, and it is used to improve the family weekday ensure food safety and quality of a good helper.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine ozone water is mainly used for fruits and vegetables of harmful residue decomposition, and thus play a highly efficient disinfection degradation of pesticides, to ensure food security and promoting human health effects. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are pesticide contamination more serious today, although fruit and vegetable washing machine is not currently universal access to public family, but has also been accepted by many ordinary household use, I believe the near future, fruit and vegetable washing machine is expected to become the " the third category of small household appliances air purifier health "and" water purifier "after.