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Garlic Peeling Machine Manufacturer From China

Nov 16, 2017Published by Wendy
We are garlic peeling machine manufacturer from china.Our garlic peeling machine uses a specially designed peeling principle.Garlic peeling process without the blade and the hardness of friction, so to ensure the integrity of the processed material, freshness and pollution-free. The garlic peeling machine can be automated and consistent operation, and practical, energy saving, small size, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate characteristics.

The garlic peeling machine is equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic guide device. The garlic and garlic skin are separated automatically. The products meet the hygienic standard and can be stored for many days because garlic is not easy to be damaged. Production: 80-120kg / h Voltage: 220v 95w; Machine weight: 70kg. Garlic peeling machine for food processing plants, restaurants, hotels, local markets, such as garlic and other net sales of garlic with occasions.

garlic peeling machine manufacturer from china