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Garlic Root Cutter Packed to South Korea

Sep 22, 2017Published by Wendy
This is our garlic root cutter machine packed to south korea.Our the garlic root cutter machine can be used at home or factory. It can removal  the root and stem at one time.It is great helper for processing garlic.
The characteristic of our garlic root cutting machine:
One. The body weight is light, only 35kg. It could operate not only in field, but also in household.
Two.The output is 4000~6000 pieces garlic per hour.
Three the machine has characteristics of very low power consumption and cleanly peeling
Four. the waste is lower as well as finishes fee is high, within from the garlic is clean and sanitation, no pollution.
Five.The wearing elements on the machine are all with international common, the conveyor chain,bearings, framework are all made of stainless steel 304, all kinds of air cylinder equipped are common normal components which might be obtained throughout the word.

garlic root cutter machine packed 头 south korea