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Garlic Root Cutting Machine Sold To USA

Jan 29, 2019Published by Ellie
Our garlic root cutting machine  is widely used to cut the garlic root in high efficiency. The machine cutting is a kind of concave cutting. It is a new machine produced by our factory, which saves the cost of manual cutting and the problem of using labor. Our machine has sold to USA, which is also popular in other country.
garlic root cutting machine
Garlic root cutter machine advantages
  • Has high working efficiency. The machine can run fast because of the conveyor belt sending the material.
  • The waste is very low, and the yield is high. Garlic is clean and free from pollution.
  • The machine has high capacity of 1500-2000kg/h, you can adjust the output according to your need.
  • It is fully automatic, saves a lot of labor.
  • You can adjust the cutting size and speed by changing the machine detail.
  • You can get the onion with no damage and has good shape.

Cutting Effect
cutting effect

Principle of the garlic root cutting machine
The machine uses special tool cuts at high speed, the blade does not heat up, and the garlic has no damage. The cut root of the garlic has a concave arc shape, and the cutting amount is small, and the cutting is clean, completely eliminating the waste of manual fox cutter cutting and other cutting machines, and the efficiency.  The  conveyor belt for continuous conveying, and the work is smooth and fast.

Here show you our garlic root cutter machine working video: