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High Production Pomegranate Aril Peeling Machine For Sale

Mar 24, 2018Published by Camille
As we all know, pomegranate is kind of fruit, which has high nutritional value,however,it’s flesh is hidden in its hard shell, unarmed to open it.Our pomegranate aril peeling machine is specially designed to separate its skin and flesh,and it has high pruduction.

The pomegranate aril peeling machine is a kind of pre-treatment machine to peel pomegranate and separate pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate peeling machine is used to get rid of the granatum quickly, thoroughly and intactly.It is a necessary equipment in the production line of pomegranate wine and pomegranate juice other relevant foods and drinks.
pomegranate peeling machine
Pomegranate skin removing machine includes feed hopper, up breaking device, below breaking device, rotating sieve, mixer shaft, screw pump, rack and others. The material is stainless steel except the driven parts. The mixer shaft is the frequency control of the motor speed.

The pomegranate separating machine is easy to operate.First,Put the pomegranate into the upper crushing device through the feed hopper and press it. The distance between the two rollers is 20mm. Second, separate pomegranates enter the following crushing plant for a second separation, this time with a distance of 10 mm between the two rolls. Through two presses, the pericarp is essentially separated from the seed.Then, separate pomegranates fall into the separation device. The shaft was then agitated to allow the seeds to fall from the sieve and the pericarp drained from behind.Finally, the seed and juice are transferred to the next step of the pomegranate juice line by a screw pump.
 pomegranate peeling machine
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