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Hot Sale Automatic Dates Pitting Machine Manufacturer

Dec 22, 2018Published by Ellie
Dates,a kind of food which has high vitamin content, and has the reputation of “natural vitamin pills”,has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yang.It has good function especially to the young and old.But when you are eating dates, are you worried about the stone? Especially when the children are eating them,it will do harm to their body if they swallow the stone.In case of this situation,you can have a knowledge about our automatic date pitting machine.

We are automatic date pitting machine manufacturer,have our own factory.We engaged in a wide range of machine business, we provide best quality machines and solutions for global users.We always committed to the safe machines manufacturing and high efficiency producing. We also have development on new material and key technology, first-class machines of fruit piting machines,just like our automatic date pitting machine,it can remove many different fruits.Such as apple, pear, peach, nectarine, date, jujube, cheery, hawthorn and so on.Successfully solved the problem of dates pitting difficulties.It can work different size of dates,also the size can be changed according to your needs.

The automatic date pitting machine has a simple structure.It adopts advanced structure of intermittent, rotary, motion, make the equipment more accurate, more life time, more widely usage, greatly improved the utilization rate of the equipment.

This type date pitter removes the hard stone from the fruits by two rollers which are kept a certain gap in between; by this way, the flesh of the fruit will be remained in state of pieces.The working principle is:Use theory of high speed lunging, that is to say, When punching needle lunge at a extremely high speed,the left hole is the shape of needle.The lunging speed is faster, the shape of core is more complete.Our machine needle are special treated by special process,made of high hardness material.So the skin and flesh of fruit is still complete after removing core.The automatic feeding with vibration really saves a lot of manpower.This machine can process the date which with the diameter scope from 12mm to 26mm.It has high nuclear rate and integrity flesh rate.
automatic date pitting machine
The automatic date pitting machine also has many advantages,such as:It can automatically and continuously complete the pitting process,has reasonable structure and reliable working performance.The machine is easy to use,you can just put the date on the mold,it can automatic complete the work,then make nuclear pitting.A person can manage 3-4 machines,and easy maintenance,sturdy and durable.The gap between the rollers can be regulated to get a best process efficient.The rollers and the scraper can be replaced considering the status of the machine,and it is easy to replace.It is low power consumption and high pitting efficiency,the nucleation rate above 99%.You need not worry about how to move it,the machine with wheels,more convenient to move.

Are you interested in our machine?If you are interested in our machine and  us,we welcome you to visit our factory. Since 2010, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of quality products and attracted lots of customers all over the world. Our machines has sold to many countries, such as America, Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, etc. For our good quality machines and excellent service, we have won great popularity from clients.

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