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How To Cut Carrots Into Strips?

Feb 01, 2019Published by Ellie
Carrot has been a normal food in our daily life. Because the carrot has high nutritional value, rich in carbohydrates and multivitamins. As manufacturer for food machinery, we invent the carrot cutting machines to cut the slice,cube and strips. Today, I will show you our carrot strips machine to cut the carrot in high efficiency.
carrot cutting machine

The carrot strip cutter is a popular machine to cut the carrot, because it can keep the carrot smooth surface and in good shape. After cutting, the carrot is beautiful and neat. The machine can cut the root vegetable in slice and strips, also can cut the cube shape. We have several knifes to cut the different shapes. According to change the knife you can get the different cutting shape easily. This is a picture of the machine knife.
carrot strip machine knife
Carrot strip cutter machine advantages
  • Multi-purpose machine, easy to change the cutter head, easy to operate, easy to clean.
  • You can cut the slice of 1-10mm, cube into 8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm.
  • The cutting size and speed is adjustable according to your requirement.
  • The machine has widely used in the food processing plant, school canteen and other food factory.
  • It has stable performance and long time using life.
  • The machine has high capacity of 200-1000kg per hour.

This is a video show you our carrot strip cutter machine working: