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How To Cut Dried Mango Into Cubes?

Jan 18, 2019Published by Ellie
Mango, produced in India, is a kind of fruit which contains high vitamins, it can be used to make juice, jam, canned food, pickled, hot and sour kimchi and mango milk powder, candied fruit, etc. Many people like to eat the mango cube as a snack when they have a party or in the banquet. Do you know how to make the dried mango cubes? By knife cutting? Or some special technique? If you have a look at our mango cube cutting machineyou will think it is easy to get the mango cube.
dried fruit cube
The dried mango cutting is the professional cutting machine for candied fruit with high sugar content and high viscosity. This model is developed considering the viscosity of the candied fruit. The cutting blades are composed with round cutting blades and auger cutting blades. Suitable for candied fruit, such as preserved apple, preserved apricot, strawberry preserve and candied dates, etc.
mango cube cutting machine
The mango cube cutting machine has high cutting speed and one time cut, no need second cutting. This machine consists of round knife group, dragon knife group, for the powder device. Applicable to food processing plants. One size need one set cut blade, different size needs different set cut blades. When you need to cut the different size of the cubes, you can change the baldes thus finish the different cutting size of the dried mango.

The final product can be cut into 4*4mm, 5*5mm,8*8mm,and  10*10mm size. THe size can be changed according to your need. 
detail of the mango cube cutting machine

This is our mango cube cutting machine working video: