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How To Make Plantain Chips?

Feb 14, 2019Published by Ellie
The dried banana is a very popular snack. It is a peeled banana that is cut into pieces and is easy to store and eat. What manner will you use to make the plantain chips? By knife? By small tool? Can you cut the plantain chips in high cutting speed? If you want to cut the plantain chips more quickly, you can have a look at our Plantain chips slicer machine.

The Plantain chips making machine can cut the banana slice, also suitable for any other vegetable, such as potato, sweet potato, onion, carrot, lotus root, etc. You can get the round shape of the vegetables. It is now the first choice for food companies to carry out banana deep processing.
banana chips cutting machine
Advantages of the Banana chips cutting machine:
  • It can cut the banana chips in a neat shape, uniform thickness and 99% yield.
  • The equipment has reasonable structure, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
  • It is a new ideal equipment for food export processing enterprises, frozen vegetable processing enterprises, supermarket hotels processing fruits and vegetables.
  • Completely replaced the bitter and tired manual work. 
  • The machine is efficient and easy to use. 
  • It is dozens of times the labor efficiency, saving time and labor.
  • The product has a smooth cut surface and the product slice thickness is adjustable, the minimum can be 2mm.
  • Body frame and shell is made up of high quality stainless steel,and adopt the advanced control system,which meet the requirement of modern food sanitary.

Cutting Effect:
plantain chips cutter

Working principle of the Automatic banana chips machine:
The banana slicer mainly consists of a frame, a rotating cutter head, a transmission part, a motor, and a discharge material. It is suitable for slicing materials with medium volume and long cylindrical shape. Put fruit or vegetable into the feeding device, through the automatic control rotary cutter, the fruit or vegetable are cut by one pieces. Then it will fall down into the slicing plate. Finally the cutter ginger root slicer will automatically stop when without materials.

Here show you our vegetable cutting machine working video: