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How To Peel A Plantain?

Mar 11, 2019Published by Ellie
Here I will introduce you how to peel a plantain, the plantain peeling machine is made of high quality stainless steel, can keep banana health and clean. It is also a convenient, high capacity and easy operation machine.

Using plantain peeler machine can remove the green banana skin in high peeling speed and has no limitation to the size and shape of the banana, that is to say, you can peel all kinds of banana in this machine, which can save you a lot of time and labor to sort the banana. So it has popular in food processing factories and get good word of mouth with people who use it, it is now the easiest machine to peel the plantain.
plantain peeling machine picture
The green plantain peeler machine needs artificial feeding to send the banana peel, can finish peel 340-360 pcs/min. You may wonder how change peeling output? Let me tell you, by adding the inlet amount, you can get different peeling banana at the same time, so it has easy operation that one worker can operation a machine simple. You need not worry about will not use it.

How to peel a plantain? It seams many people has the same question, here is a process video show us, this industrial banana peeling machine is a professional machine to peel banana with high efficiency.

It is mainly used in the plantain chips production line, which can match with the plantain chips cutting machine, they are all the necessary machine to make the plantain chips, if you need machines, you can send email to get price and more information.