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How to Save Oil When Frying

May 03, 2016Published by Wendy
Fried food is one of our traditional food, whether it is cannabis holidays fried, fried spring rolls, croquettes, or daily breakfast eaten fritters, cakes, donuts; children like to eat foreign fast food french fries , fried bread, fried chicken wings, and snacks in the potato chips, fried biscuits, and both are deep-fried food.
Fried food because of its crisp and delicious, fragrant, can increase appetite, so loved by many adults and children,

But how to save oil when oil frying process?
First, this specific distinction fried anything, then control the proper heat, oil, deep-fried to the ideal state in the shortest time. To achieve the purpose of oil.

Second, some things can take some technical means to reduce oil absorption, to achieve oil-efficient purpose, such as fried bread pieces, can be coated with eggs outside the bread pieces, thus reducing the bread slices (many cellular pores) oil absorption .

The third use of oil-efficient machines. Different oil consumption of the machine is different. In the selection process should be bought less oil, produce food debris frying process should also be less. Continuous frying machine is a good choice.

Low oil consumption, and less fried food waste generated in the process. Good machine worth your own.