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How to use Dry type peanut skin peeling machine

Feb 27, 2017Published by sherry
dry type peanut skin peeling machine 
This Dry type peanut skin peeling machine consist of peeling machine, screen box and fan unit. it adopt roll rubbing method to peel peanut skin, before peeling, the peanut must be dried, you can dry them in the sun or baking them in the dryer machine. After baking the raw material moisture is not higher than 5%, then cool them to keep their temperature at room temperature, ensure there no stone and other impurities in peanut, in order to prevent damage to the sand roll.
Before boot, ensure the power supply circuit is normal, the parts without loosening. Ensure the trial operation is normal, and can not be reversed.
Then, start the fun unit, to divide the peanut and skin. Adjust the height of the suction box,  in order to suck up the skin, absorbing real peanuts as standard.
This machine is a combined unit, has stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, high production efficiency, low half grain, good quality, suitable for processing a variety of specifications for peanuts peeling.