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How To Wash and Dry Dates?

Jan 31, 2019Published by Ellie
Dates have become a popular food in our daily life. It has the function of enhancing human endurance and fatigue, also contains many vitamins. Before we eat, we have to wash and drying. In order to have a better efficiency of our working, our machinery invent the date washing and drying machine. Now, I will introduce more detail about our machine.

This dates processing plant is mainly used to deal with the fruit and vegetable washing and drying. We usually used for datas, strawberry, chestnut, etc. The machine can wash the dates with high cleanliness and dry the dates with no damage.
date washing and drying machine

We use the bubble type fruit and vegetable washing machine to wash the dates. The machine is a kind of bubble surfing. So it has no damage to the dates. It is suitable for  a variety of fruit and vegetable. It has large cleaning capacity and high cleaning rate. Can be transferred to the flexible packaging dryer for blowing and drying after being turned over to the vibrating material extractor.

The air drying machine is made of high quality stainless steel, it can guarantee the quality of the dates. The fan with low power and low noise is used to dry the air temperature for the common temperature, which better protects the color and quality of the material itself, has a good drying effect and is widely used.
date washing and drying line

The processing of dates fruits has the high working efficiency. The machine can work automatically, both the washing and dryng machine has stable performance and high working efficiency.

Here is a video show you our machine working: