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Industrial Meat Bow Chopper For Sale

Feb 01, 2018Published by admin
The industrial meat chopper machine machine uses high speed rotating cutters to cut meat, vegetables, letinous edodes, agar, onion, ginger and other particles in different sizes. The cutting machine produced by our company is most suitable for cutting speed, pot speed, distance between cutter and rotary pan, so that the cutting grain is more uniform. The back cover of the rotary pot has rubber bar to prevent leakage, and the material will not leak during cutting and cleaning. The cutter shaft has two sealing rings to maintain good lubrication of the rotating position and keep the transmission smooth. The seal is easy to replace. The distance between the cutting point and the cutting pan is less than 2mm.
1, the bowl knife is made of stainless steel material with compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to clean.
2, the main components are made by the machining center to ensure the machining accuracy.
3, waterproof, humanized design, simple operation, control board up to IP5 safety
4, knife edge sharp, bearing use, high speed operation stability, material cutting and emulsification
The effect is very good
5, the use of imported bearings, motor in line with the European standard, anti overload ability.

industrial meat bowl chopper machine for sale