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Introduction of garlic slices machine

Mar 21, 2017Published by sherry
Garlic slices machine
Garlic slices machine is a kind of active form for garlic products production, but it is a mass work to produce large amount of sliced garlic. The automatic garlic slicer supplied by our company is an advanced garlic processing equipment which is specially designed to cut garlic cloves into slices, saving a lot of work in deep processing of garlic.
It can be uan be used to cut various stem and root vegetables and fruits as well as solid vegetables and fruits, such as garlic, ginger, onion, potato, turnip, cucumber, taro, Chinese yam, bamboo-shoot, lotus root, apple, pear..
Advantages of our garlic slicing machine:
The finished product slices are smooth with even thickness, and with no crushing
Adjustable slice thickness: it helps cutting the garlic clove into slices of desired thickness
Stainless steel structure meets hygienic standard, and ensures a long service life
High efficiency, easy operation: saving working time, labor cost and energy consumption
Reasonable design, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance.