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Commercial Juice Extractor Machine Work Principle

Jul 30, 2016Published by Wendy
Commercial Juice Extractor Machine

1, the structure of fruit juice machine:
By the former holder, hopper, screw, filters, Sheng juice, a rear seat, slag tank and other parts, screw spindle bearing in the rolling bearing, supported by the right hand wheel bearings, motor pulley by a pair of triangular driven coil work.

2, the working principle of fruit juice machine:
The main components of this device is a spiral along the direction of the bottom bagasse outlet diameter gradually increased and decreased pitch, propeller when the material is due to the shrinking size of the spiral cavity is formed on the material squeezing. Screw spindle rotation direction as viewed from the hopper to the slag tap direction is clockwise. Feedstock into hopper, under pressure screw propulsion, the juice squeezed through the filter into the bottom of the juice is filled, and the annular gap between the waste material is formed by the tapered portion of the spiral and surge discharged surge move axially adjustable head size voids. Size for clockwise (from the slag troughs equipment to look into the hopper end when turning the hand wheel bearing, pressure head to the left, that is narrowing the gap, the gap becomes larger and vice versa.) Change the gap, that row adjustment slag resistance. It can change the slag rate, but if the gap is too small, under strong squeeze, part of the slag particles and juice will be squeezed together by the filter, although the juice increased, but the relative decline in the quality of juice, depending on the size of the gap should be user specific process requirements.

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