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Large Model Onion Peeling Machine for sell

Feb 15, 2017Published by tina
Onion peeling machine adopts gas type peeling off, fully automatic digital control, convenient operation, high output, peel the onion smooth surface. Eliminated labor-intensive manual labor, this machine has realized automatic mechanization production, to ensure food hygiene and safety, not only to fill the domestic blank, also is in the leading level in the world, become the upgrading of products in the international market.
Easy operation, high output. Using the pneumatic principle, dry, fully automatic digital control, for the size, there is no limit to the varieties of onion. Peel the onion smooth surface without damage, onion and onion skin automatic separation, safety and health, is the present domestic most advanced onion peeling equipment.

1, the use of special design principle of peeling.in the peeling process, onion completely without blade and hardness of friction, ensuring that no damage is done garlic, smooth surface, no pollution. This equipment is practical, save and high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate, etc.

2, the automatic feed device, onion and onion skin automatic separation and products conform to the hygiene standards.