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  • We are garlic peeling machine manufacturer from china.Our garlic peeling machine uses a specially designed peeling principle.Garlic peeling process without the blade and the hardness of friction, so to ensure the integrity of the processed m
  • This is our fruit washing machine with best low price will be paked to pakistan.Our the bubble type fruit washing machine is mainly used for jujube, vegetables, aquatic cleaning. Bubble washing machine principle is the use of the front part
  • The vegetable cutting machine with low price , save your money because the vegetable cutting machine is multifunctional that you can cut green onion, onion, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinach, lettuce and other vegetables. By changing th
  • Flow Air Meat dryer Machine Description: The air drying machine is suitable for hot water sterilization or steam sterilization products. After sterilization, the residual water droplets on the packaging can be removed and dried and packaged
  • Orange juice: use orange as the raw material, through the juicer to squeeze the juice, fresh, high nutritional value, can be used to drink or drink directly through the freezing method.
  • The cherry pitting machine is stainless steel, the use of vibrator feeding design, feeding balance, smooth, adjustable speed. Mechanical grasping to nuclear machine mode, it is imitating the manual manual poke the nuclear machine principle.
  • This peanut sugar coating machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry,candy processing industry and snack food industry, it is also used to process many kinds of grain food like Japan bean, hollow beans,chocolate nuts candy,chocola
  • This machine is Vegetable cutting machine. The vegetables can be cutted in dices,slices,bars and many other shapes as customers' need. The thickness and the length is adjustable.
  • This de-oiling machine also is a de-water machine, it is the most advanced fried food and puffed food oil removal equipment currently, it is not only the first choice for fried food and puffed food, but also for the work of dehydrated food,
  • The Leaf vegetable cutting machine is dual frequency converting, the blade speed and the conveyer belt speed can be adjusted separately. It can cut the strip shape vegetable, such as sallion, chives, celery, pointed Cabbage, Chinese cabbage,