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Which Machine Can make Peanut Butter ?

Jun 30, 2016Published by Wendy
Peanut butter have tan color, texture and delicate, delicious taste. What is more, rich aroma, not moldy, no infestation are all feature of peanut butter . Peanut butter usually used for noodles bar, bread, bread or salad seasoning dishes, but also for cookies, sweet buns and other stuffing ingredients.

Peanut is so multifunctional and taste. But how to make peanut butter do you know ? The peanut butter making machine is exactly what we look for.

The peanut butter machine is determined by the geometry, different rotor rotating in high speed under the relative motion, obtained by shearing, crushing, grinding and high frequency vibration.
The crushing chamber is provided with three grinding zone, a grade for coarse grinding, fine grinding area as two level, three level for the attritor area, through adjusting the stator and rotor, can effectively achieve the required a superfine crushing effect (or cycle).

The peanut butter machine  has many advantages. Compacted structure, stable working, low noise, rust-proof, reasonable structure, stable performance,simple operation and convenient maintenance and easy to clear and maintain.The superfine grinding butter is more fineness and this machine have bigger capacity. peanut butter processing machine  possess with Fruit Grinding Machine  a vriety of configuration, broader applicability, effectively solve the chili.

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