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Machine For Peeling Banana Sold To Brazil

Mar 13, 2019Published by Ellie
As we all know, the green banana is suitable for making the plantain chips, bucause it is easy to cut, and can keep good shape of the plantain chips. Our Brazil customer need the Machine for peeling banana, they have the factory to make the banana chips, and need the machine for better production. Our machine can meet their demand, recently, our machine has shipped to Brazil, for easy production and big output.

Here show you our banana peeling machine working video:

You can know our Banana peeler machine working principle in this video clearly. The banana can be sent by conveyor belt, in this way, can save your time and labor. Then need the artificial feeding , the banana can be peeled automatically. There is no restriction to the size and shape to the banana, so the machine has widely usage.
plantain peeler machine in factory picture
The Banana skin peeler machine in Brazil has high peeling capacity of 340-360 pcs/min, one second can peel several banannas. So you can improve your working efficiency or start your own business by using our machine, and if you have any question, you can contact us freely. We can provide you the most suitable suggestion and production method for easy production.

We also have Fully Automatic Banana Peeling Machine and Banana Slicer Machine if you needed, Any question, please email:ellie@machinehall.com to me.