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Fish Meat Ball Making Machine With Best Price

May 09, 2017Published by Wendy
This is a multifunctional meat ball making machine for fish ball,beef ball, pork ball and others. The automatic fish beam ball making machine with high quality and low price.It is best choice if you want start meat ball business. these are  reasons why you should choose our meat ball machine.

multifunction meat ball making machine low price china1 body made of stainless steel, in line with health standards, easy to clean.

2 parts of the use of CNC lathes and CNC wire cutting processing, with precision, the formation of travel and transmission stability.

3 action devices and vulnerable parts for the standard cast alloy pieces, uniform specifications processing, easy to replace and post-maintenance.

4 by the use of feedback in the use of many times to improve the test, the use of leather materials, fillings feeding and positioning shear action device.

5 simple operation, meat, middle, low broken filling, can produce diameter from 28-40mm and other specifications of the round fish balls meatballs.

6 handling strong, high stability, production rate is stable; can pull the skin by filling, so thin and more filling.

7 can produce package heart fish balls, package heart pork balls, pee beef balls, burst juice small fish balls and other spherical sauce soup package stuffing products.