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Meat Smoking Drying Machinery

Jan 12, 2017Published by Wendy
Introduction of meat smoking drying  machinery
1, the entire computer automatic control program can display the temperature and humidity curve, the optional recorder can display the implementation of the components of the monitoring chart and the operation of the process state table.

2,temperature control precision, reliable operation, the temperature difference between the box is less than 1℃.

3, the fan through the 3000 r / min dynamic balance check, the maximum wind speed of up to 25 m / s, effectively guarantee the product in the baking process up and down, left and right temperature uniformity.

sausage smoking drying machine|meat smoking and drying machine4, smoke generating device using wood grain smoke, smoke stability, color fast, and clean smoke into the box in the smoke.

5, equipped with high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning discs and smoke in the dirt, in the coil and the flue is equipped with a variety of angles of the nozzle.

According to customer requirements on the implementation of smoke box before and after the door can be realized before and after the interlocking station, and to Japan and the EU export registration requirements.

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